Cargo Shipping

Import & Export – Air & Ocean

Our office has been ABI Certified since its inception. We are on line directly with U.S. Customs and can handle all facets of automated releases. We have the ability to remotely transmit to USC should situations warrant even when our office is closed. We are proud to say that we have received a 100% Compliance rate from U.S. Customs for entries filed during the last 18 months when industry averages were between 90-92%. In addition, we have been approved for remote filing, allowing clearance and various ports.

We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication between our customers, airlines, steamship companies, truckers and warehouses. We utilize a full range answering service and a responsible party can be reached 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Our import office has four licensed brokers to handle any question and/or problem that may arise. We handle a wide array of commodities from: wearing apparel, footwear, camera crews, steel, fresh fish, aircraft and auto parts, ceramic-marble-granite tiles/slabs etc., tobacco & cigars and believe it or not exotic zoo animals! We have a very strong background in fashion & couture/ boutique type merchandise.

Our wide range of products and divergent backgrounds has afforded us an opportunity to handle many strange and unusual movements. If your commodity is a little different or if you feel that you are just a number somewhere else please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your particular concerns with no obligation.

We offer a full range of services and can accommodate shipments after hours and on weekends as demands arise. We can arrange to meet passengers that are hand-carrying fashion samples as well as high-value urgent shipments. Passengers can be cleared upon arrival (as regulations permit) and carry goods directly through avoiding major delays.


C-TPAT is an initiative established to increase the protection of our borders through a better knowledge of the supply chains affiliated with the transportation of goods into, out of, and around our country. The parameters encompass physical, procedural, personnel, conveyance, and access control security, along with self policing, and education and training.

This initiative has been designed for greater cooperation between the government and the business community for closer monitoring of each link of the supply chain from origin to destination insuring protection against infiltration of terrorist activities into the normal practices of the trade and transportation industry.

Eligibility in C-TPAT is being made available to importers, carriers, brokers, manufacturers, warehouse operators, and in due time, all other business links in the supply chain of the trade industry.

Instructions for application to become part of this program are available on the web site at

With vigilance, and a strong commitment from all participants, we can reach the ultimate goal to ensure the security of our borders, and to protect our country against terrorist activities.

We, at Mersant International Ltd. are proud to have joined this initiative, and after completing our supply chain security profile commitment, to have been accepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as a certified member of the C-TPAT program.


Below please find a few simple questions. If you were not aware of any of these items and would like to discuss them further please call us.

Did you know that Customs duties can be paid through ACH– an automatic debit system from your account to USC with no charge from you financial institution?

Did you know that you can now pre-clear quota wearing apparel shipments -five days before arrival on vessel shipments and wheels up on air shipments thereby reducing delivery time to your door?

Did you know that you can obtain a continuous bond (considerable savings) covering all shipments for a one year period thereby alleviating to costly methods of posting a single entry bond.

Did you know that it is possible to have a complete paperless transaction with U.S. Customs –electronic entry filing, paperless customs release and electronic payments?

Did you know that most customs releases are processed electronically thereby reducing delivery time to your door?